13 soko, the factory is full of dreams and hopes for cretors

“13 soko (Soko means “a warehouse” in Japanese.)” is a sharing studio that targets people who work in Nishi-Mikawa as creators. Creators of various genres such as art, design, craft, food, etc. are participating in 13 soko.
We hold workshops and exhibitions irregularly. I think that you can use it as a HUB where creators are connected.

The place that
“Creative” is born,
interacted and
hand on.

image “Anjo-shi” is the city named in
the 13th in Aichi prefecture.

The place to express some creator’s activities is not so common in Nishimikawa area. Also, we do not really have place that unknown creators can get in touch or communicate here, too. However, a lot of creators exist in this area. We think that people who are interested in “to CREATE something” are all creators; people who already work energetically by themselves, people who work only for limited time or term, people who do not make actions yet but have some idea in their mind. We are here to support the creator’s activities as a Studio, a Gallery and a Café to communicate with all creators one another.
We hope the better improvement and future progress of local manufacturing culture setting three items, “Create”, “Transmit” and “Interact”, as our concepts.
* Membership registration is required to use facilities in 13 soko. (Membership registration: Free / Use facilities: Fee charging / A review for your intention and ideas is required.)

We named our warehouse “13 soko” based on our concepts; to create the base for both “a pick-up point” and “a shipping” of manufacturing “products”, “events/environments” and “human resources” which have infinite possibilities in Nishimikawa and Anjo area. The many of numbers to become basement such as Time, Years, Sounds, Eto (Chinese astrological calendar) and constellations are based on “the duodecimal system”, so we think “13” is the number that means the future as a next step. We are aiming to become the base creates manufacturing in next generation starts from Nishimikawa area.

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49-2, Hosoike, Fukama-cho, Anjo-shi, Aichi, Japan

About 8 minutes by car from Mikawa Anjo station on JR Tokaido-line
About 10 minutes by car from Anjo station
About 5 minutes by car from Izumi junction on Route 23

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